Semalt: Web Data Extractor – A Perfect Application for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers mainly advertise their brands, products or services through social media, emails, and other platforms. They use digital technologies such as advertisements, email marketing, and phone marketing to meet new customers all over the world. A digital marketer mainly performs his/her tasks online and carries out multiple data scraping projects on a daily basis. Web Data Extractor helps digital marketers promote and market their brands. Plus, this tool helps generate more leads on the internet.

Perfect for businessmen:

Digital marketing and web scraping have changed the way businesses, and brands promote their products and services. With Web Data Extractor, you can not only target a large number of customers but also incorporate advanced marketing plans and strategies. You can scrape as many web pages in an hour as you want and thus grow your business.

User-friendly tool:

It's safe to mention that Web Data Extractor is an easy-to-use service. It helps you improve your digital marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, content automation, influencer marketing, data-driven marketing, and display advertising. Web Data Extractor has claimed to scrape millions of web pages so far, and data analysts mainly use this tool to extract information from dynamic and e-commerce websites. You can scrape the entire or partial website with this service and accomplish your digital marketing tasks in a better way.

Good for social media sites:

With Web Data Extractor, you can scrape social networking websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ easily. You can also scrape data from discussion forums, review websites and news outlets like BBC and CNN. With ordinary data scraping tools, you may not be able to extract data from CNN and BBC; but Web Data Extractor carries out multiple tasks and can collect, organize, and extract information from these sites according to your requirements.

Multiple versions:

One of the most distinctive features of Web Data Extractor is that it is available in multiple versions: Elite Version, Free Version, and Professional Version. Its free version is suitable for freelancers, small-sized companies, and non-programmers. The elite and professional versions are good for enterprises, digital marketers, and programmers. With Web Data Extractor, you can retrieve information and scrape product descriptions and images conveniently.

No maintenance needed:

Unlike other ordinary data scrapers and web crawlers, Web Data Extractor requires no maintenance. You also don't need to have advanced coding skills to use this tool. If you did not learn Python, C++, BeautifulSoup, and Ruby, you can still get benefited from Web Data Extractor and enjoy its basic and advanced features. This tool will not only scrape data for you but also organize it based on your short-tail and long-tail keywords. Plus, it automatically publishes your web content and fixes all the minor errors in your data, saving your time and energy.

Address validation and spam protection:

Web Data Extractor validates the email addresses for you, giving you a complete list of your customers in an organized form. In addition, this service protects against spam and prevents hackers and spammers from accessing your web content.